The 10 best Johnny Depp movies: Beyond Jack Sparrow & amp; Tim Burton!

He is the favorite actor of Tim Burton and provided for the incarnation of the most popular pirate in film history. But Johnny Depp is much more than Jack Sparrow, Willy Wonka and Co. Therefore we begin once the best Johnny Depp films that have nothing to do with pirates and Burton projects! And that's true acting talent of Mr. Depp is hidden.

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If you look at the career of Johnny Depp look closer again, it's almost painful if the first association of most of the audience in terms of Jack Sparrow and &# 8220; Pirates of the Caribbean&# 8221; is made. Sure, with the presentation of the tottering Pirate Captain Johnny Depp has created an iconic figure in movie history, which ran aground, especially in the first three films in top form. But the talent of Johnny Depp is limited by no means alone on that role. And the collaborations with director Tim Burton Although likely to be largely viewed as a success, but a unique selling point is not that role selection.

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No, the most popular actor can actually, more than the average moviegoer would suspect. Therefore, the Johnny Depp movies we looked at once that really stand out, without something with pirates and to have to do Tim Burton. Of these, because there are a few.

So we move in this overview of Johnny Depp movies a cross section of his career and show you what works the true Depp fan should really even look. Of course, the list is a subjective, so you are allowed in comments like perform your favorite Johnny Depp movies.

The 10 best Johnny Depp movies - Beyond Jack Sparrow & Tim Burton

Gilbert Grape - Somewhere in Iowa (1993)

johnny depp movies gilbert grape© Concorde

Gilbert Grape (Johnny Depp) inserted, such as the German film title suggests, somewhere in Iowa resistant. More specifically, in Endora, a small town whose highlight is the caravan caravan that passed the site annually. Gilbert would like to leave this place, but must take care of his family since his father committed suicide. His mentally handicapped brother Arnie (Leonardo DiCaprio) Requires it his greatest attention.

In &# 8220; Gilbert Grape - Somewhere in Iowa&# 8221; Johnny Depp shines through silent drama, in which he puts the anger, despair, but also love of a young man who is dissatisfied with his life, but does not want to abandon his family. In addition, Leonardo DiCaprio is seen not only in its very early role, but also plays masterfully on.

689Gilbert Grape - Trailers

Arizona Dream (1993)

johnny depp movies arizona dream© Kinowelt / Arthaus

Similar to &# 8220; Gilbert Grape&# 8221; Johnny Depps character keeps it in &# 8220; Arizona Dream&# 8221; not long in one place out. But his uncle Leo (Jerry Lewis) Asks him to come for some time to Arizona and help out in the Cadillac branch. Here, Axel (Depp) learns the much older Elaine (Faye Dunaway), Who cherishes the interest in him. But the step-daughter Grace (Lili Taylor) Fell in love with Axel. A tragic circumstance can not get rid of Axel then.

In this poetic directed film of the young Johnny Depp plays alongside former acting greats, but can involve loose maintain and convinces as a young rebel who is looking for his place in life.

119Arizona Dream - Trailer German

Benny & Joon (1993)

johnny depp movies benny and joon© 20th Century Fox / MGM

Benny (Aidan Quinn) Has intensified since the death of her parents to his sister Joon (Mary Stuart Masterson) To take care of. This comes because of their impulsivity frequently with the law in conflict. Threatens her admission to a psychiatric hospital. But then encounter the two Sam (Johnny Depp), although it appears strange when he pantomimed Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin imitated, but Joon doing very well. Sam and Joon they come closer ...

In the romantic feel-good comedy &# 8220; Benny & Joon&# 8221; Johnny Depp leans his acting very much to the silent-film models of Sam. This is done so perfectly that he was honored with a Golden Globe nomination him.

142Benny and Joon - Trailers

Dead Man (1995)

johnny depp movies dead man© Kinowelt / Arthaus

If Jim Jarmusch making a Western, then of a different kind. &# 8220; Dead Man&# 8221; is shot in black and white, to Franz Kafkas inspired works and fully of Neil Young been set to music. Johnny Depp plays the accountant William Blake, who must learn the harsh West to assert themselves, after all, a bounty is exposed to it after an incident.

&# 8220; Dead Man&# 8221; is not a classic Western, but an atmospherically-dense work, which was awarded the European Film Award in 1996 by far. Especially the soundtrack of the film stands out, as Neil Young only needed an electric guitar to setting.

94Dead Man - Trailer English

Donnie Brasco (1997)

johnny depp movies donnie brasco© Constantin Film

(For hit man Lefty Ruggieroal Pacino) Is the young fence Donnie Brasco (Johnny Depp), a remarkable, fearless man he takes under his wing. Lefty Donnie gets to know the Mafia business and even manages to rise in the Bonanno clan. What Lefty do not know: Donnie's real name is Joe Pistone and undercover work for the FBI. But for Donny the borders to illegal begin to blur more and more.

In this Mafia thriller Johnny Depp embodies a two-faced agent that there really was. And so that is also based &# 8220; Donnie Brasco&# 8221; on the experience of the true Joseph D. Pistone, determined the end of the 1970s undercover in Brooklyn. He acted for the film even as a consultant and brought himself into mortal danger, for the mob in New York will never forget.

82Donnie Brasco - Trailer English

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