Threema for Android: The the symbols

For many threema is the first choice when it comes to a Messenger app on the smartphone. If you wonder what the various symbols mean in threema, you will find below an explanation of the meaning of each sign.

Who uses threema on his Android device, will certainly have been the one time or another have wondered what do the individual symbols. While some self-explanatory, the meaning is less clear in others. We therefore want to shed light on and explain to you here the icons closer.

Android &# 8211; Contacts ensure (video):

152337secure Android contacts

Threema: That the symbols


threema-symbolsUp Arrow: message will be sent

This symbol indicates that a message is sent to the server. The symbol disappears after a while not a fault. Under certain circumstances, the smart phone has no internet connection or there is a problem to the threema servers before.

threema-status-sent Black letter message was sent

This threema icon tells you that your message has indeed arrived at the server, but the recipient has not received it. In addition, a push message sent to the recipient. the read receipt in threema has been disabled by the receiver, the symbol remains visible even after the delivery and opening.

threema-status-delivered Black drawer / Inbox: message was delivered

Was your message sent, this symbol is visible. The recipient has not yet read the message or he has turned the read receipt, which is why this symbol not of the &# 8220; black eye&# 8221; (Next symbol) is detached. Should you a message to an owner of an iOS device have sent, the icon will be only then to see if he has started threema. The character does not appear if the recipient has turned off the read receipt.

MessageStatus_gelesen Dark Eye: message has been read

When this symbol appears, the recipient of your message, it read. Again, the icon does not appear when the read receipt at the receiver is not active.

MessageStatus_sendefehlerRed exclamation mark: Sending the message failed

As so often indicates the red exclamation mark even with threema indicate a problem. The symbol indicates that a message was not delivered to the server and therefore not sent. The error can thereby have different causes, for example, it may be that one to sending personalized image was not uploaded or there were problems with the transmission to the server. Should you see a red exclamation mark, you can simply tap and hold the appropriate message and hold until a status menu opens. In this way, a new send attempt can be started.

threema-status-hook Green check: news was confirmed

If you want miteilen the receiver / transmitter that you have received the message and read, ye can in very quickly with Threemas confirmation function do. Tapped for the appropriate message and hold it down until you select the menu item &Confirm; # 8220&# 8221; Select can.

If the message is rejected, this is indicated by a thumbs down. A green thumbs up indicates the acceptance of a message.

Threema for Android. The signs of security levels

Another feature at threema are the three different levels of security for tap-proof communication and the identity of your opponent, which are also provided with its own icon. The security levels are represented by points on a traffic light system. What exactly are these points, we do not want to deprive you of course.


 First security level (red)

This is the weakest level of security. The user ID of your contact and the corresponding public key is retrieved directly from the server. A matching contact in your address book has not been found, so the identity of this contact can not be clearly verified.

threema-status-orange 2nd level (orange)

This symbol is probably most commonly seen in association with your contacts. The corresponding user was found in your address book, the associated data (e-mail address and / or phone number) were also verified by the threema servers. While there is still the possibility that it is not indeed to the desired contact, but this is unlikely.

threema-status-green 3. security level (green)

If everything is in the green zone, that of the sender's identity has been properly verified. The only exception: The smartphone this contact has been stolen or hacked. Display these three points are you, but only if it confirms the public key that person by scanning the corresponding QR codes. In contacts with the highest security level you can assume that it is indeed the appropriate person.

Threema for Android: The the symbols

The display of the security levels has no connection with the encryption strength. All messages that are sent via threema be sent via the same encryption.

Elsewhere you learn more about security in threema.

Original article of 14 April 2014 last updated on September 16, 2016

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