What’s MsMpEng.exe? How to turn off?

If the process MsMpEng.exe causes high CPU utilization in the task manager, you may wonder what that is and whether you can disable it. We clarify.

The process MsMpEng.exe can take up a lot of CPU power. Source: http://notestoneunturned.blogspot.deThe process MsMpEng.exe can take up a lot of CPU power. Source: http://notestoneunturned.blogspot.de

MsMpEng.exe - what is it?

  • MsMpEng.exe (Microsoft Malware Protection) is an anti-malware service and is part of the Microsoft Windows Defender virus scanner.
  • MsMpEng.exe scans your PC in the background for spyware, viruses, trojans and rootkits.
  • The location of the process is usually C: \ Program Files \ Windows Defender
  • Your can watch the process in conjunction with the Windows Security Essentials installed.

Info: Formerly the MsMpEng.exe file was also used in connection with the program Windows Live OneCare (System solution for protecting the operating system).

disable MsMpEng.exe

  1. If the process also causes for hours high CPU usage, you can disable the Windows Defender.
  2. However, you should then install a different antivirus program, because your computer is otherwise unprotected.
  3. Temporarily can you process in the task manager and manually stop by right-clicking.

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