Winnetou 2016: RTL & amp; the remake – & quot; Everyone’s blood brother & quot; again on TV

RTL has ventured to a Winnetou remake in 2016 and get a lot of criticism for it in advance. The three new Winnetou films go to many people to the mind and for very different reasons. The one hand, it is not close enough to the original book, the others make fun of a lack of authenticity. Reason enough to consider the opinions of remake of the cult classic short detail. 

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Even before there was discord, as it came to light that the production a living in Berlin Yankton Sioux hired as a consultant for the language, music and costumes of Native Americans or Apaches. The outcome is that the Apaches speak Lakota, wear fancy costumes and desired by some parties authenticity in terms of appearance, language and culture of the Apaches is not given. The approach of the consultant, however, was that it is a fantasy film and authenticity not really matter. In fact, it will notice the least viewers at all, that the language used is Lakota and the clothing an imaginative clothing. The original Winnetou films have not based their appeal from the very successful presentation of the real life of the Apaches &# 8211; just as little as the book by Karl May.

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Veto of the week: remake of Winnetou

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Winnetou RTL: The legal dispute over the name

The Bamberger Karl May publisher had appealed against the Rat Pack Filmproduktion before the Landgericht Nürnberg-Fürth, which came to a decision just before Christmas. Dispute the title of the three new Winnetou films that were named after the books of Karl May were:

  • Winnetou and Old Shatterhand
  • Winnetou and the Treasure of Silver Lake
  • Winnetou's death

The publisher argued that the screenplays of the films differ so much from the actions of novel templates and central motives of the Winnetou books missing that the same names in the titles is not justified. The court ruled in favor of the title Protection Act for the publisher &# 8211; the titles may not be used as a movie title. Some media made for confusion because they reported prematurely that the Winnetou films RTL may not bear the name in the title Winnetou &# 8211; that's not true, Winnetou they may continue to say it's all about the title of additive which may not be identical to the book titles.

winnetou and old shatterhand in the new filming of rtl

New Winnetou RTL Movies: Who needs it?

The question is whether it is particularly in 2016 to bring out new Winnetou films. The old movies with Pierre Brice and Lex Barker have broken records and charmed thousands of people, but those were other times. Still are the novels of Karl May great success and many people depend for nostalgic reasons on this matter, the adventure, freedom and blood brothers conjured in her childhood. Nowadays, you would actually want other Western because the currently living Native Americans have much to contend with the fact that they have degenerated in the minds of the rest of the world to fantasy figures. Among young Native Americans, the suicide rate is the highest over the world. And get to know the real situation today Apaches in times of globalization and the possibility of social media, this film and his approach seems very anachronistic to ignorant. He ultimately has anti-Enlightenment effect &# 8211; which of course applies to many entertainment films.

A new winnetou-myth at rtl© RTL, Rat Pack

The director Philipp Stölzl sees it differently, as can be read in the Tagesspiegel: &# 8220; The heart of the Winnetou and Old-Shatterhand story: Two men, who come from very different cultures with very different values ​​and the best friends of all time.&# 8221; He says the films take a new direction and go in the core to the exchange of values ​​and a reinterpretation of the Winnetou myth.

Under the name Winnetou 2016&# 8230; So that is nothing operates a Facebook group in which people deal with different approaches and backgrounds about their various criticisms of the new Winnetou production. Anyone who is interested in different, sometimes conflicting opinions on the subject and has its own help is welcome to stop by there.

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