Bloodborne Video Test: The previous best reason to buy a PS4

Souls games are difficult. As ever you die. These simple-minded denominator Hidetaka Miyazaki Games were last reduced from marketing and media. The demanding level of difficulty and the resulting number on average more screen of death appears to be the essential feature of bearing the label "Hardcore" series. One could hardly continue to be wrong. breaking Souls games on their difficulty level down is unnecessary and inappropriate. How much more is in this wonderfully wayward series, which can be currently admired in "Blood Borne". The previous best selling point for Sony's PlayStation. 4

Bloodborne Video Test: The previous best reason to buy a PS418673Bloodborne Video Test

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Do not get me wrong: The comparatively high level of difficulty of "Demon's Souls," "Dark Souls" and "Dark Souls 2" has certainly contributed much to the perception of these games beyond their shady niche. He was the verbal obstetrician an ever-growing community of players, which was interested in this established at the frustration border watchtower from a long-defunct video game era.

But who likes Souls games that do not like them (only) because they demand from their players more than common practice. Souls games are estimated for the integrated design and the narrow building their enchanted worlds, for their interpretative narrative, for their hidden mythology, for their tremendously exciting boss fights for their oddly melancholic atmosphere and of course for her complex character and battle system. The good news is that "bloodborne" did not lose these virtues.

Especially in the design of the game world of "bloodborne", the gothic-inspired Yharnam, developer From Software is the hard-earned reputation 'needs. In particular, the extremely nested and horizontally and vertically interlocking "Dark Souls" served as a blueprint for this ingenious design. The little too one-dimensional but clearer structure of "Dark Souls 2" for many there is not again the other hand in "Blood Borne". A good decision!

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Bloodborne Video review: A game of world

Whoever opens heavy groaning gates to a new area, which is almost always a walk painting in front of him, is already to recognize the objective to be achieved at the picturesque horizon. The road is paved with sumptuous details, a high number of secrets and many optional content. Attentive hikers who have fought their way to the regional thematically appropriate bosses, it can now also find often times a clever shortcut. One approach that has announced already in "Dark Souls 2" and finally shelved sets frustrating journeys to tough boss opponents.

bloodborne_2014_08-22-14_003-jpg_600Blood Borne makes a Gothic on, but also has influences in the Western and pulpigen ghost stories


In "Blood Borne" one finds this assistance now in almost every case. This is primarily because most soft From rubs us the helpful abbreviations with little tricks right under your nose. Blasts a screaming beast in their jump attack, for example, open a door, then watchful Explorer should check from time to time where the sneaky attacker actually just came from.

Development and management through the fascinating game world &Blood Borne; # 8220&# 8221 ;, in addition to the said Gothic theme also still poaching in the western genre and sometimes presents as a pulpy ghost story, are thus very successful and overshadow occasionally even the previous moment. Although Miyazaki, this time a little bit less hidden mythology scatters and will meet less talk ready NPCs her throughout history, the eerie Yharnam for a long time is likely to top the list of the most beautiful game worlds on the fledgling PS4.

Blood Borne has some of the best boss battles throughout the series

In the second major primary virtue of Souls series, the often nail-biting battles against imposing bosses, Hidetaka Miyazaki and his supply from the usual high quality. The design of the bosses battles succeeded through and through and fires a lot of great moments on his players from that will undoubtedly be remembered as highlights of the series in their history. Although the quality of the boss battles as recently as early as "Dark Souls 2" varies from time to time something, but really disappointing none of exciting events.

I was particularly impressed here by the high degree of variety, the offers "bloodborne" in this area. Each Boss stands on its own and requires their own tactics for success. As a really successful the various phases of the fighting can be described. Thus, almost every boss shortly before his demise still an aggressive ace up his sleeve and then divides much more violent than before. This drives the voltage fine on the climax and makes beautiful sense of achievement after the fighting just a tad bit more intense.

1523Bloodborne Undone by the Blood Trailer

&Intensive; # 8220&# 8221; is also the best keyword for the slightly different combat system of "bloodborne". Although the proven basic mechanics from its predecessors remain largely intact, but with the help of the newly introduced "Regain" system now forces you From Software from cover.

Lost life energy you can fight back right after taking damage by successfully executed attacks. But the time frame for this is very short and with each passing second, lost more and more of the precious energy. A small variation, but which has great impact. "Bloodborne" is playing extremely rapidly and requires permanent risk management.

Best Defense: The Regain concept goes full on

What makes the opponent next, which animation is now still a healing attack fits in, or perhaps you prefer to swallow a healing potion here? These are questions that can be during a fight in &Blood Borne; # 8220&# 8221; must provide permanent. After all, a safe Felt attack can cost the player, the last energy and his life. A good tactical concept that really comes up fine in "Blood Borne" and especially Souls veterans are a fresh player experience.

The new healing option allows From Software also, superbly designed opponents even a little bit dangerous and make unpredictable. It seems to "bloodborne" by Regain system that greatly increased item drop rates and the somewhat even easier to abundant healing potions at first glance than its direct predecessor. But mistakes and missed opportunities to be punished this time harder, bringing the game in terms of difficulty, ultimately incorporates somewhere between "Dark Souls" and "Dark Souls 2".

Thus "bloodborne" my opinion is true for exactly the sweet point between frustration and motivation. Often, you are asked for a long time no great challenge, only to suddenly get the ass vigorously spanking. If you reach one of these well-placed needle eyes, you should already explored areas Blood echoes &# 8211; the new souls counterpart &# 8211; farms and invest these then in better equipment or increase character stats. Already one feels grown into the current boss again. Just the way I like it.

Bloodborne-2Regain: A small change to the Souls combat system with great effect


A little disappointed, I am against the changes to the character system and cuts in weapons and equipment. Currently I have twelve different weapons and thirteen sets of clothing inventory. This is certainly not the final number of all that are available in the game found objects, because hide Souls games known the best stuff and best. But the fact that you will find a total of fewer weapons and clothes in "Blood Borne" that seems sure.

Slightly less draft

Which is a shame, because tinkering with different orientations of my character and the attribute-based specialization in my current favorite weapon or my magical abilities that has always identified in the past a great attraction of the Souls games for me. Although weapons still require a minimum value for the associated attribute, but the breadth of playable character interpretations has been narrowed considerably. Changes to your attributes and weapon specializations thus affect not so much from the way of playing your character.

A design decision that largely be explained by the now much fast style of play and the new game world, as for example heavy tank armor or fantasy magic here simply have no place. From this perspective, I can understand this decision actually good, but that does not mean that I have to also find good. A matter of taste also.

weapon-imageThe weapons and equipment arsenal is slightly thinner.


If you will, then you shoos "bloodborne" from the menus out and want you to spend more time in the game world and the fighting this time. What's a valid concern. In addition, you have to take this opportunity to say fair to say that you will indeed see "bloodborne" fewer weapons and armor sets &# 8211; but what are you doing finds that is good and beautiful to look right across the board. Almost every weapon has a small transformation trick and the associated animation in stock. It may also "bloodborne" compete with any competitors in the action RPG genre in terms of depth still.

The only real criticism that I would like to address "bloodborne", are currently far too long load times, some (very) few frame-rate drops and the sometimes slightly irritating Zielaufsetzung. While From Software has already promised to address the load times and frame rate drops in the next patch, remains behind the Zielaufsetzung still a question mark. In the fight with opponents standard everything is going very smoothly, but in some boss battles they took care of unnecessary stress. Because most bosses, however, have already significantly better edit without target marking &# 8211; Only without a goal you can run that makes you invulnerable for a fraction of a second an alternative role - can be cope quite well again this little problem.


"Bloodborne" is a huge, voracious, long 40-hour beast of a great action-RPG, despite controversial design decisions all the previous virtues of Souls series white fulminant summon on the PlayStation. 4 With a unique game world is looking on the PS4 long time second to none, a pleasant unspent style and some of probably the best boss battles we've ever allowed to play on a console, provides "bloodborne" a damn good argument for buying a PS4 represents.

A final vote will not yet find her here today despite my intense time with "bloodborne". The reason for this lies in the fact that throughout the test phase, the online functionality of the game was not available. But as PvP, Koop and the new Chalice Dungeons contribute significantly to the longevity of the title, I hold a vote at this time for unprofessional. So I will update the test in the coming days.

Update and final vote

All bosses down, denied several hours PvP bickering, aired several secrets found all the weapons and armor, seen all the ends and the Chalice Dungeons extensively explored - I'm ready for a final vote.

My very positive opinion about "bloodborne" has not changed significantly. Who Souls games like or want to venture the first contact that gets here an incredibly saturating feast served, which - depending on your style of play - from 30 to 50 hours non-stop captivates and transports all qualities of the predecessor brilliant in the next generation of consoles. The only downer for fans of the series: A few more NPCs and quests have it can be quiet, From Soft. Although in "bloodborne" to be discovered Quest Lines are all managed, measured by the NPC from the predecessors are in my eyes but just a few too little.

However, the fact that I have really enjoyed the unusually rapid PvP and the Chalice dungeons, let me take this well. Also on the alleged absence of the old magic system I complained a little early and loud. So my geskillter on "Arcane" character has medium while already found seven items that let him conjure powerful and fun. Extrapolation of these well-distributed in the world objects with the newly integrated firearms together, reached "bloodborne" not quite the magic arsenal of predecessors, but much there is no longer missing. With the last patch also the problem has decreased the noticeably long loading times. Short but load times are still far from being.


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