iPod Classic reset – So you reset the iPod veteran

The grand old man of the music player is probably the iPod Classic from Apple. Will the unit is not like you or the system is frozen times, often only helps restart by reset. If you possess still one and do not know how you can reset it - we explain it to you.

iPod Classic reset - So you reset the iPod veteran

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The iPod Classic has now come very old, but there are still music lovers who swear it on the bedrock with large memory. but as it is with technology now times when it is showing its age, it does not always work flawlessly over the years. We help you have to control the iPod classic, if he is not so wants to be like her.

iPod Classic - that works out the reset

iPod Classic does not respond, the image is frozen or will display an error message, you can restart the device and in no time by device reset thereby empty the memory. This often helps to fix minor problems:

  • Locks and unlocks the device with the switch "Hold" at the upper end of the housing.
  • At the same time you hold the Menu button and press the central, round button of the device.
  • Now, the screen goes black and the unit should be restarted.
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iPod Classic reset - so it works with iTunes

Helps the normal restart by reset does not remain, often to correct only the complete reset to factory settings of the device as a way any errors. Next you have to do this:

  • Launches iTunes and includes the iPod via the appropriate cable.
  • Once the program has detected the iPod, click on "Restore" in the summary page of the menu.
  • The iPod is therefore to the factory settings - so that deleted all the songs.

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