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The Picto Selector Download allows pictograms can choose from a very extensive database to sites, which in turn can be embedded into other documents.

Of the Picto Selector Download provides a huge library (over 23,000 pieces) of pictographs available. This can be combined with the program on pages and then printed, for example, or pasted into Word documents. Well suited the Picto Selector Download example why create Explanation aids for children.

Picto Selector

Picto Selector Download: Installation and operation

During setup of Picto Selector either a desktop icon and an icon in the Quick Launch toolbar can be created. After the first start the program, a wizard that can be determined whether the icons are to be stored on the local machine or on a server and are if others have access to the database only appears once. Subsequently logs in either as an administrator or with their own initials in the program. After that, the icons are downloaded only once.

If you have logged in Picto Selector, you can with the New button ?? page ?? Create a page of pictograms. Here, special icons such as text or watch inserted via buttons or display on ?? Pictograms ?? those selected from the entire database and inserted directly into the page. See below ?? Pictograms ?? the pictograms of the database can be searched and filtered. Finished pages can be printed or as graphics or PDF stored and also pasted into other documents such as Word files.

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