Windows 10: Hide taskbar icons – Here’s

Windows 10 is in the system tray at the bottom right in the notification area several icons. These usually provide quick access to specific Windows or program functions. You can hide these if necessary. We show you how.

Windows 10 is the bottom right of the taskbar icons of Windows and programs to with whom you access to certain functions. So their hides.


Windows 10: Hide taskbar icons - Here&# 8217; s

Windows 10: Here you sets which icons are displayed at the bottom right of the taskbar.

If you want to hide certain 10 taskbar icons in Windows makes the following:

  1. Opens the Windows settings by their presses the key combination Windows + i.
  2. Clicks the system and left on the menu item alerts and actions.
  3. Select click in the right pane on the lettering symbols for display on the taskbar.
  4. So you see all symbols of the information area of ​​the taskbar, which you can hide it. Provides to the switch next to the icon from on to off. If the icons are grayed out for you, you must top the switch under the heading Always show all icons in the notification area to Off.

Hidden Icons finds her again if you click the bottom right of the taskbar on the small up arrow. Alternatively, you can watch the taskbar icons about using the mouse to hide. The symbol of the Information Center can be in this way but not to hide. How to do it, learn it here: Windows 10: Disable Info Center - how it works.


Windows 10: taskbar icons Hide mouse - Here&# 8217; s

Windows 10: With the mouse you can also hide taskbar icons.

To hide in Windows 10 system tray icons with your mouse, you make the following:

  1. Moves with the mouse the system tray icon that want to hide it, with the mouse left on the small up arrow and slightly upward in the dark gray box that is then displayed.
  2. The selected tray icon is now hidden by default.

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Windows 10: Taskbar icons visible again - Here&# 8217; s

Who wants to display the taskbar icons and over again is as follows:

  1. Click on the up arrow at the bottom right of the taskbar. The hidden icons.
  2. Pulls the hidden icon to the lower right back in the notification area of ​​the taskbar.

The symbol will be displayed again by default in the taskbar.

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